High PR social bookmarking sites assume a vital part in SEO today. By social bookmarking, we can acquaint our site and blog with different applicable classes to get great backlinks and increasing a little traffic. If you don’t know how to do bookmarking appropriately. We will examine how to do appropriate bookmarking in this article.


What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is the strategy to get great backlinks, enormous traffic, promotions and indexing benefits. If you are a digital marketing person or SEO, you must have knowledge about it.


Why utilize social bookmarking sites?

You should start with submitting blog entries/pages to social bookmarking sites as it has such a significant number of advantages.

Bookmarking is the speediest method to index your site or blog entry in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and so forth.

Top social bookmarking sites have high PR. If you have backing from them, you will get quality backlinks.

Social bookmarking sites’ submission creates new significant traffic.

Your blog post can become famous online by submitting on social bookmarking sites.

It will enhance your  domain authority.

It will diminish the bounce rate.

It will help in blog arrangement.


How to do social bookmarking?

All social bookmarking sites are not the same. Before beginning to present the blog posts on sites, you need to comprehend their tenets and directions. High PR social bookmarking sites like reddit.com, bizsugar.com are extremely sticky in approval and spamming is entirely not permitted.

For these sort of sites, you must be more social and need to build your profile by submitting high expert blog entries of different sites or you can remark on others’ posts, re-share and upvote. To get more advantages out of this, make inventive title, innovative description, include keyword field and most essential thing is that you have to choose category wisely.

Now you must have understood – what is social bookmarking? Why everybody ought to do bookmarking? And how to do it? So let’s begin with the top 5 high pr social bookmarking sites.



Reddit is one of the best bookmarking sites. It is difficult to present your blog post on reddit. You have to upvote and re-submit others’ reddit posts – it will enhance your reddit karmas. When you have adequate karmas, you can present your blog entries effortlessly, read subreddit’s principles before posting on it. In the mean time, endeavor to include few posts of popular sites or include current news related posts with the goal that individuals remark or upvote your posts.



Stumbleupon is a decent wellspring of bringing instant traffic and is powered by ebay. You have to first enroll to submit blog post on it. An entire profile will help you in generating traffic. You don’t have to your blog numerous times a day. It will be considered as spam. In the event if you are running different blog sites, you can include other blog posts.



Pinterest is the most prominent graphical content distribution internet based web site. Here, you can find content on any subject and a large portion of the substance will be in graphic format. The best thing about it is that anybody can utilize Pinterest easily.

Once you have created an account in Pinterest, you have to follow few steps. Select wisely as you will get their pins. First you have to make a board with keyword rich board title, description and choose the most relevant category, then pins can be added. You can welcome others to pin on your board.

Search related pin boards and join them. Here, invitation is needed to post on group board and you cannot join directly. For invitation, you have to follow admin of that group, repin his/ her pins and wait for him to notice you or you can also send him a personal request message. You don’t have to promote your blog post in groups all the times, endeavor to be social!



How about we begin with the huge one (and one individuals won’t not connect with social bookmarking excessively). Twitter is a great tool for this and you can achieve it in a few different ways.

when we simply post images, content, and links with your account it means you’ll have technically bookmarked them. You could then revisit your account to discover things when needed.

Over that you can utilize the ‘like’ button for specific tweets. Numerous individuals utilize that to bookmark fascinating things they find and return to them later on.



Scoop.it takes into account professionals, business and non-benefits, and enterprises. The site has well more than 1 million enrolled users. It has got a significant group of audience. You can browse a free or one of the paid plans, depending upon what number of topics you need to post about.


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